Are you sick & tired of soft & soggy suspension ride? Do you also want suspension that controls your cars ride as well as giving you the flexibility to adjust your suspension to your needs??

Chevy SS G8 Ultimate coilover suspension kits are Australian designed & engineered by motorsport engineers with over 18 years experience in local & overseas motorsport as well as Aussie OEM performance vehicle manufacturing!

Features include:

  • 10 stage adjustable bump & rebound valving
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Mono-tube design
  • Re-buildable
  • 2 year street or track warranty !!!

For some vehicles with older MRC suspension, you can pay up to $1,500 per corner for replacement standard MRC suspension. This is a fantastic replacement for your tired, soft, leaky MRC as well as being only a fraction of the cost.

This coil over suspension is a superior design & build quality with exceptional ride, handling and also performance. It also features adjustable suspension valving to suit your liking!!!

Will suit Pontiac G8 2008-2009 & Chevy SS models 2014-2017

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